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08/11/21 09:18 AM #100    


Claudia Clyde (Talbot)

Sorry to have missed the reunion. It must have been great for those who attended. I do have fond memories of school there. Thanks to all who influenced my life for the better!

08/11/21 01:35 PM #101    


Victor Checketts

darwin do you know when sid will start having those lunches again??? that would be so awesome if we could have those get togethers,cause it would be so wonderful  to see everyone again

08/12/21 06:04 PM #102    


Laird Severinsen

Great to meet friends and classmates at the 50+1 reunion. Thanks to the committee and Rob Ence for 50 years of keeping us together with awesome events.   

08/13/21 09:31 AM #103    


Michael Kane

Wonderful time last week at the 50-1 renunion. My wife Barbara and I enjoyed the fun times of looking back into the past. I was glad that Ted Wilson's name and association with our class was mentioined. Ted was my best teacher and gave me insite to continue with my educatioin after high school. I wish you all the best and Julie please stay in touch, GO EAGLES

08/13/21 03:12 PM #104    


Alan Pearson

Everything was great about #51! The venue with its view of the city was incredible! The very best part was meeting each of you guys! Time may have altered appearances, but not character and personalities. I was more introverted in high school and did not get to know many people. It has been a blast getting to know people I thought unapproachable back then, and realize what great individuals they are. I am looking forward to future reunions a nd making more of you. I am so proud to be one of the Class of 70!!!

08/13/21 05:35 PM #105    


Cristi Ann Showalter (Millard)

Hello dear friends.
What a thrill to see so many of you and to reconnect.  I was flooded with sweet memories of our days together at Skyline. My husband was most impressed with the friendliness of the group. Everyone made him feel welcome.  Thank you all so much.  


I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the committee. The hours, the time, the sacrifices, and the care that went into putting off such a lovely event. From the venue, to the dinner, to the speeches, to the videos and our new charity, were all so impressive. Lastly, to our host and hostess, the Ence's. Rob and Liz, how do we ever truly thank you for all the your work and care, you gave to make this reunion a success.  

I hope you and the committee are taking a much needed rest, you deserve it. 

08/13/21 05:38 PM #106    


Cristi Ann Showalter (Millard)

Oops. Meant "pulling off" not "putting off" 😱

08/14/21 12:20 PM #107    


Kerry Kastler (Burt)

Genuine appreciation to all those who had a part in making our 5️⃣0️⃣+1️⃣reunion such a memorable success. From our President Rob and his beautiful wife Liz to all those who attended or reached out to share friendship and memories - the Eagle spirit was alive and palpable. I feel fortunate to have been able to attend and mingle amidst the hundreds of fellow classmates of 1970 who reached out and shared their love. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ♥️  Thorton Wilder said, "We ourselves shall be loved for a while and forgotten, but the love will have been enough. All those impulses of love return to the love that made them. There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love. The only meaning, the only survival."  May we all walk that bridge often and remember the love we all shared during our time at Skyline High. K

08/15/21 11:09 PM #108    


Victor Checketts

Today i consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.....Lou  Gehrig

that is the way that i feel cause i am so lucky to have gone to such a wonderful school like skyline and have so many of the most wonderful friends that i have ever made...they will forever hold a BIG place in my heart

08/18/21 08:36 PM #109    

Anne Sweat (Conrad)

Dear Victor,

You are an amazing example of resilency, fortitude, positivity and courage.  I am lucky to have had you as a classmate.



08/19/21 11:53 AM #110    


Victor Checketts

dear anne

thank you for the very kind words...i truly enjoyed the wonderful years at skyline and all of the friendships made there, i am so glad to have such a wonderful friend like you...hope we will be friends always


08/27/21 06:20 PM #111    


Claudia Clyde (Talbot)

I agree with Anne. She was and is a good friend to me, too. Hope the very best for you! Sorry I missed the reunion.

08/28/21 11:19 AM #112    

Anne Sweat (Conrad)

Yes, I hope we can be friends always and always stay connected.  Thank Heavens for this Message Forum. Hoping for more reunions, connections and strength in numbers through these trying times.  

08/29/21 08:14 AM #113    


Cheryl Delvie (Jones)

Beauitfully said Anne!  Deep appreciation for this forum and the ongoing sharing of stories, life, thoughts and feelings. 

11/10/21 01:13 PM #114    


Preston Eichers

With regard to the death of Rosanne Burt Christensen, thanks to Vicki Harding for the sad news.  I grew up with Rosanne and was saddened by the news.  Vicki mentioned, that there was no obituary at the moment.

I talked with her LDS Bishop in Queen Creek, Arizona.  He stated: "I am sure they are working on her Obituary.  I have not received any information about it, but as soon as I can find out, I would be more than happy to share that with you.  In the meantime, her funeral services will be this Friday, November 12 2021 Arizona time.  It will be broadcast for family and friends that are interested in watching.

Here is the Broadcast information:

Please click this URL to join.

    Passcode: 727829

    Description: Funeral Service Broadcast for Rosanne Christensen - Services start at 2:30pm

Bishop Justin Bradshaw"

I hope this helps, for those, who are interested.

Preston Eichers

801 554-6837

11/11/21 09:43 AM #115    


Vicki Harding

Thank you Preston!  I was trying to find more information to post!  Roseanne and I connected on Facebook a few years ago. We are fellow Arizonans and I enjoyed catching up with her!  I was so sad to hear of her passing so quick!  I am trying to see if I can attend her memorial or if not, I can now watch it online!  Hope all is well and take care fellow Eagles! ❤️❤️❤️


12/26/22 07:37 AM #116    


Jeffery Pinegar

I just found out that Rob Daly, a classmate, died a couple of weeks ago at the home of his sister in Holladay.  I don't know the circumstances other than there was no service nor obituary.  His neighbor said that he was cremated and that's all she knew.   Jeff Pinegar 



12/28/22 09:27 AM #117    


Judy Cheever (Crawford)

Thank you, Jeff for posting about Robby Daly.

I have wondered about his life and what he has been up to. Last time I saw him, Tommy, and Dave was just before I moved to San Francisco in 1984 at my house. You (my "growing up" next door neighbor), me, Tommy McGhie, Robby Daly, and Dave Hargreaves ('68) grew up together on 3080 East. Oh, the fun and memories from that time.

And now there are 3 of us still here..You, me, & Dave.

12/28/22 11:41 AM #118    

Janice Snow (Mathews)

I too grew up with Rob, sad news. Fond memories.

03/06/23 09:35 AM #119    


Richard M Romney

I just learned that Bill Stapley passed away on Sunday, March 5, at 2:15 a.m. I'll add details about viewing, funeral, etc. when I receive them.

03/07/23 03:18 PM #120    


Richard M Romney

Here is a link to Bill Stapley's obituary.

Here are details about the viewing and funeral:

Viewing will be from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. on Friday, March 10, at 3408 Celeste Way in East Millcreek. Funeral will be at 11:00 a.m., same location.



03/16/23 02:14 PM #121    


Darwin Ross

Julie Kuhn Henderson has been in St. Marks ICU for several days. Today she was moved to 3 West Room 19 in St. MARKS if anyone would like to visit.

03/17/23 12:59 PM #122    


Kristy Coon (Benton)

I hope that Julie feels better soon.


03/24/23 11:49 AM #123    


Darwin Ross

My friend and yours, Julie Kuhn Henderson, passed away at 2:00 am yesterday morning (3/23/2023). I don't know what the exact cause of her death was at that point, but she was plagued with several chronic problems. I suspect that her body was just too tired to carry on, as was she, herself, being house-bound and pretty much bed-bound. Several Skyline friends would visit as they could, or call her on the phone, which kept her spirits up through some lonely, depressing times. I'm sure you join me in saying that words fail to describe our loss  - she was sunshine to all of the Eagles of the Class of 1970, and especially to the AGOS officers with whom she worked. Bye, Jules. We loved you and will miss you!

03/26/23 08:21 AM #124    


Michele Bennett

I am so sorry to hear that Julie Kuhn has passed away. As you said, Darwin, she was the light of our class! She will be missed! Blessings to her family.

Darwin, I'm posting my phone number on open forum because I don't know how else to reach you. Please call me. 801-759-4492. 


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