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Mark Jardine

Profile Updated: August 27, 2010
Mark Jardine
Residing In:
Salt Lake City, UT USA
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Martha (Mattie), born 1986: Isabel (Isie), born 1989: Venice Ada (Venny), born 1993; Sage, born 1998.
Yes! Attending Reunion

Have been playing music consistantly since high school. Got married in 1983. School, kids, and work. Graduated from the U. of U. with a bachelors degree in both English and Music in 1986. Went to graduate school in social work and received my master's degree from the U. of U. in Social Work in 1988. Have been working for Valley Mental Health since 1988. In the mean time had four lovely daughters. Divorced in 2001. Continue to work as both a social worker (therapist) and a musician.