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08/30/20 07:47 PM #75    


Victor Checketts

speaking of leaky roof...there was a couple of times that during basketball game there would be water on the court i would have to go out and get on my hands and knees and with towels wiping the water off the floor so the players wouldnt slip and hurt them selves during the game...i think that was one of the strangest times during basketball games during the season...

08/05/21 11:41 AM #76    

Brent Christensen

Dear old friends from skyline hi:

I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful reunion and say how sorry I am I will not be in attendance. Age has struck me and I have lost my vision and cannot travel anymore but I want to wish you all very well and I am so sorry I cannot attend. What a great class we had huh? As we hit 70 we think back on our lives way more than we got to… But my memories of skyline high or highlights in my life. Have fun you guys

08/06/21 08:44 AM #77    


Pat Sluder (Davidson)

Pat Sluder here...I will be thinking of all of you tomorrow night as you mingle and enjoy creating cherished memories at the reunion. I moved to Lyndhurst (Cleveland) Ohio 3 years ago. I was mom's live-in caretaker for 12 years. After her passing I made the decision to move to be closer to my daughter, son-in-law and 3 beautiful grandchildren. I love Ohio and being a part of their daily lives. My spirit and thoughts will be with you tomorrow night!

08/06/21 12:24 PM #78    


Kristy Coon (Benton)

I,too, send greetings and best wishes for an awesome get together tonight!! Skyline education and experiences were highlights of my life and i will always be grateful for having associated with all of you

08/06/21 04:44 PM #79    


Rebecca/Becky Strand (Russon)

Hello everyone!  I wish I could be with you for this 50th reunion.  I hope you have an amazing time together!   I will especially miss reminiscing with choir members. Cheer and Sing Together!  Becky Strand Russon

08/06/21 07:06 PM #80    


Cheryl Delvie (Jones)

Thinking about you all and fondly.  The memories become ever sweeter and I will be thinking about all who are gathering, as well as the many who are on the other planes.  Big thanks to the organizers and you who have posted.  I hope more people continue to do so!  You really gift us by sharing your stories.  I'm between Eugene, OR with my husband and our son's family, savoring our newest Granddaughter Grace.  I also spend time in  Rio Verde, AZ volunteering with a ranch doing my Permaculture design work and Equine trauma therapy with kids at risk.   Have a wonderful celebration tongiht! 

08/06/21 10:43 PM #81    


Julie Stanton (Glick)

As I scroll through the list of classmates profiles, I see those I did not know by name, but looking at their photos, I remember passing them in the halls or across the room in class. Seeing so many that have not joined, I wonder if some of them felt invisible, as I did, with such a large class. I was way too shy with low self-esteem to reach out when I came mid-year our sophomore year. Having come from an environment  lacking with such things as band, dance, choral, etc, there was little I could join in and be part of. I did find a small niche of 'misfits', enough to fill a table at our 20th reunion, which is the only one I had heard about to attend. Most of those are among the absentees here so likely they will be passing on the 50th+1 this year. I did have some good memories, and am thankful there were some of our classmates that did reach out to me when I couldn't extend my hand first. I hope you all have a lovely 50th and 1 and enjoy the comaraderie of the evening. I still can't believe we are "that old"!

08/07/21 10:07 AM #82    


Debra Thorup (Greenwall)

Hello my dear fellow Skyline Eagles.  Have a wonderful 50 + 1 reunion tonight!

I wish I could be there with you to celebrate, but we live in Kansas.  Thank you to all those who have worked so hard at putting this event together along with all those who have created this web site and manage it.  It has truly brought us all matter the distance!  Thank you!

Thank you for wonderful friendships and memories growing up!  Wishing you all the best!

Hugs to you all!  Deb


08/07/21 11:14 AM #83    


Bill Potter

Greetings to all my friends attending the big event tonight.Have an amazing time. Hopefully, a list of your contact information will be provided so we can reconnet.We are on an extended stay in San Diego to cheat the heat of St. George this time of year.

Thank you for the memories and lets reunite and make more!

08/07/21 11:54 AM #84    


David Swenson

50 + 1 years?  Good grief!  

When we were graduating in 1970, somewhere there were those celebrating their 50th from the class of 1920 which seems to make make us now VERY old.  But we are young at heart.

I'm sad to be unable to attend as we are in Florida with three of our 16 grandkids.  I too am thankful for Rob and the many who have put together this reunion.  Will there be a 60th?  I hope so.  And this is an amazing website which I am grateful for.  Thanks!!  Keep it up please.

Life has been very good to me.  My career in business has been very good to me.  I married the girl of my dreams 45 years ago and have five amazing and successful children who are all happily married. 

We were blessed to go to Skyline.  I have so many countless friends from our time there.  I love and appreciate them all and sad that so many have passed on.     

08/07/21 12:45 PM #85    


Vicki Gregory (McGregor)

I'm sorry I won't be able to be there this weekend.  I was very glad to get OUT of high school.  (I was a nobody.)  But I had a really great time at the 20th and 40th reunions!


We live in Minnesota.  I still drive to Minneapolis often, but now, only in the daytime when it's safer.  I've been past George Floyd Square many times, but not in it!


At our 40th reunion, I walked into the lobby of the Little America (Grand America?)  I went up to the front desk and said, "I'm looking for my 40th high school reunion group."  The guy behind the desk said, "Don't you mean your 20th reunion?"  I grinned and said, 'Young man, you are very good at your job.  And you are now my BFF."  I've really enjoyed telling that story for ten-eleven years now!


See you at the 60th?  Maybe 55th?  Vicki

08/07/21 04:20 PM #86    


Marsha Dott Egan (Ralphs)

hi ya Eagles!

my sweetheart of 48 years and I are not able to come this year. We just returned from an LDS mission to England. We had a two year spiritual honeymoon! Two days home - Len was diagnosed with bladder cancer so now we are appreciating life dearly. We have chemo and surgery and recovery in our near future...

i loved my time at Skyline! God bless all my  fellow Eagles! May your life be filled with joy and family and love.

Hey Ence - how about a yearly get together?

“Cheer and sing together we’re  from  Skyline!”

marsha dott Egan - Ralphs



08/08/21 10:06 AM #87    


Stephanie Bottom

Hello my fellow Skyline Classmates I regret I was not able to attend the reunion. I had previous plans already in place. I hope I'll be able to attend the next one. I wish you all and your families well. Take care and God bless

08/08/21 01:44 PM #88    


Linda Wiggins (Ripplinger)

Wow! 2 great reunions in a row! I loved what was done last year and how the online experience allowed for so much interaction and input. And last nights' events were wonderful. It is so good to see so many of you in person. Thanks so much to the committee and especially to Rob and Liz for their many years of service to us. You have truely helped us to connect with each other. Thanks!

08/08/21 02:25 PM #89    


Sharon Jackson (Kilpatrick)

Hello 50th year Skyline Eagles,

I was so wanting to go to the 50th, but I had other plans for the same day. I hope to be to the next one. I would love to see everyone. I sm still living here in Salt Lake, helping my parents on the weekends. Retiring August 30th. Have been workng for Admiral Beverage for 20 years. (Coors - 7Up - Pepsi). Its been a great place to work. 

Stay safe and healthy. 

Sharon (Jackson) Kilpatrick

08/08/21 03:12 PM #90    


Victor Checketts

i am truly blessed with the sweet wonderful memories i had at skyline not only in sports but with all my sweet wonderful friends that i love with all my heart...thank you rob,liz,thelxi and the other members of the committee  i hope with all my heart we will have more get togethers..i  have so many dances saved up for the next get together

08/08/21 08:08 PM #91    

Anne Sweat (Conrad)

Hello all Eagles,

I have regrettfully missed the reunion but have loved the posts, memories, salutes and shares.  Thank you to all who have worked so hard to make our reconnections possible.  I do hope we can all stay connected and reunion again sooner.


08/08/21 10:23 PM #92    

Lynn C. McMurray

Dear Friends,

I loved seeing so many of you last night at our 50+1 reunion. I laughed over and over as I saw people I could not recognize, then looked at their name tag, realized who they were, and rejoiced in a big bear hug. I also marvelled at the handful, like David Jackson, where were the spitting-images of their 18-year-old selves, and who could still pass, it seems, for high-school seniors. 

Everything about the reunion was good, and I thank those who labored to make it happen. We missed all who could not come, and I regret that I saw so many across the hall who I wanted very much to talk to, but kept getting drawn into other conversations until my wife, Charlene, and I had to leave with many greetings still unsaid. The shared memories and video clips were priceless, though I was disappointed at not seeing that famous pass from Steve Marshall to David Barton. I was also deeply touched by the ever-growing list of those passed on, who we knew and loved. Like our friend Victor Checketts, I felt a swell of emotion as I reflected on lost friendships past.

For those who could not come, I enjoyed your greetings on the web and pictures in my yearbook. I spent a couple of pleasant hours looking at pictures, remembering names and faces, chuckling at the kind and funny messages so typical of yearbooks, and savoring stirred memories. How fun it was to enjoy anew the friendships, games, activities, clubs, teachers, coaches, classes, and places, all experiences that bound us together as a class. Time tends to soften rough edges and put things in perspective. As I looked at all those faces in my yearbook, I could see much goodness and light, and regretted that our class was so large that we could not all know each other. I realized, too, that many carried untold burdens I never knew but wished I did. I wish we had the time to sit and hear each other's stories. So much to learn. So much to share. 

All things considered, I am very grateful for the years we shared at Skyline, and thank you one and all for making such a difference in my life. Regardless of faith, race, politics, or creed, I think we were friends, something I will never forget. I'm with Tiny Tim, "God bless us, everyone."

With kindest regards,

Lynn McMurray


08/09/21 09:45 AM #93    


Kerry Summers

Hello everyone!

I felt so blessed to be able to attend the 50-51 year reunion.  First of all, "thank you", to those who put in the time and effort to ensure this reunion was a success!  It was truly, a huge success!  The location, the food, the memories brought to the screen and personal stories shared by fellow class mates, were not only delightful, but endearing, as well.  

It was so much fun to play, match the face to the name tag.  We all have changed so much, but, deep inside, we are still the same loveable friends, that we have always been.  I pray for and look forward to the continuation of association with each of you! 

Sending you all love and best wishes!   

Kerry Summers

08/09/21 10:37 AM #94    


Victor Checketts

kerry it was so wonderful seeing you at the reunion...everytime i see you i laugh at the wonderful entertainment you put on at one of our assemblys especially when you did your awesome impersonation of the "king" may god bless you with many more years of making us laugh


08/09/21 12:05 PM #95    


Janet Gilmour (Peacock)

I would like to thank Anne Schade Elwood for creating our Skyline High School's 1970 original website in 2010. Hours and hours of labor produced a website that is beyond amazing. Thank you to Sid U., Roger Bird and the Dancing Queens for your creativity and organizational skills that made our 40th reunion such a success. I am sorry I missed the 50 + looked fabulous.

08/10/21 09:28 AM #96    


Richard M Romney

Sorry to have missed the reunion. I'm still working full-time as a photojournalist and was out of state on assignment. Looks like you had a great time.

08/10/21 10:02 AM #97    


Bonnie Frewin (Workman)

I too want to thank all who gave of their time and a lot of effort to put on the 50 + 1 Reunion.  It was delightful.  Thank you so much for bringing many of us together.  

08/10/21 10:42 AM #98    


Marilynn Rogers (Gardner)

What a fun reunion!  Thanks so much to everone involved in making it happen, to all those who attended, and to EVERYONE in our  graduating class!

I would love to hear your POSITIVE, fun memory of Victor Checketts.  Anyone?

I was always amazed he could remember so many details about baseball.


08/10/21 01:06 PM #99    


Darwin Ross

KUDOS!!! to the reunion committee, with special mention to Robert and Liz! I loved seeing each of the Eagles in attendance and missed the ones not. (The food was not memorable, but the occasion was not affected at all by that.) Sid U. tells me he will start up once again the once-a-month luncheons, so I look forward to seeing some of you locals there. I love you ALL  (even those I unfriended on Facebook)! Can't wait to see you again....

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