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01/24/17 07:58 PM #50    


John Muir

Does anyone remember Penny Taylor who attended East Millcreek Elementary and then Eastwood Elementary?  I lost track of her after that.  She was an unfortunate girl with some obvious handicaps that we could see but not understand.  She was lucky to probably not understand that she was laughed at and the target of unkind jokes, but I imagine she was lonely nonetheless.  Many times I have wished I could turn back the clock and be her friend and protector rather than standing by while she was emotionally abused.  One of my large regrets. 


01/25/17 07:10 AM #51    

Leslie Moyes (Harris)


I do remember Penny Taylor very well.  At Eastwood, I would talk to her and spend some recesses with her.  She always seemed upbeat eventhough other kids would kid and ridicule her.  Sometimes it made me very angry but I was a kid and didn't know how to handle the other kids being very shy at that age.

01/25/17 07:57 AM #52    

Scott Seyboldt

John Muir,

Penny Taylor got married. She lived in an appartment out by the airport. I saw her when I was in classes at the airport. She would have stuffed animals on her porch to look out at the street. I remember once seeing her father drop her off and say goodby. She seemed to be the same as she was in school. It was sad people made fun of her. If we could only go back and change how she was treated.

01/25/17 04:35 PM #53    


Anne Schade (Elwood)

I too knew Penney.  I wish I had taken more time to know her.  I'm delighted to learn she got married.  Hopefully she is having a good life.

01/26/17 07:37 AM #54    


Linda Stillman (Hilton)

I probably knew Penny more than most.  Our parents were friends so Penny and I spent a great deal of time together at each other's houses playing as kids.  I knew then she was different, but neither of us minded we had a friend in each other.  She lived just a short distance up the road from me in Millcreek Canyon.  I lost my dad when I was 15 and shortly thereafter my mother enlisted the help of Penny's father to finish a room in our basement that my dad wasn't able to before he died.  Penny's father got some of my dad's clothes.  Our families were connected in many ways.  I started distancing myself from Penny as I got older and was more conscious of peer pressure.  I would see her occasionally over time and she was always the same old Penny.  I always hoped the best for her.  I have thought of her often over the years, and wish I had been a better buffer between her and those who teased her.

01/26/17 09:39 PM #55    


John Muir

I think it is interesting how, as we reflect back on our lives, we remember so many things we might have done to help those who suffered with burdens we could not fully understand at the time.  My wife does a lot of work with kids have ADD or ADHD and she frquently reminds me "You never know how hard some people work to just be normal."   That reminds me to be a lot more forgiving of those who don't conform to the ideal.  We are all handicapped in some ways.  If tapdancing were the key to success, I would be an illiterate.


01/29/17 12:10 AM #56    


Leslie Evans (Robison)

Some of you might be interested to know that Clarann Jacobs, who was an awesme english and journalism teacher when we attended, passed away recently.  Her obituary was in the paper in the last few days.  I can't remember anything about her class but do remember her smile and perpetual sunny dispositin.  She was a wonderful woma!.

01/29/17 10:36 AM #57    


Kerry Kastler (Burt)

I think Penny Taylor was fairly well known - unfortunately much as a result of her special needs.  I certainly witnessed others taunting and teasing her, regrettably not advocating otherwise.  Now as a mother of a special needs daughter, I know personally how someone with limited resources must try harder to achieve even small milestones.  How I wish I'd been more nurturing to Penny.  How grateful I am that the general acceptance and encouragement of people with disabilities has changed so much since our high school days.  While more change is needed, today folks like Penny and my Brittany can be a part of pep club, assemblies and maybe even be selected as a cheerleader or homecoming queen.  How amazing it is that many special needs, like autism, hearing or visual challenges, are now much better accommodated and diminished with new technology, social support and education.  You never know when you'll bump into one of life's lessons.  For me - Brittany was and is a lesson - a lesson that broadened my life and made me think back to Penny with a different perspective and a certain self disappointment.  I love Brittany dearly and hope that her life can be favored with the nurture and acceptance of others.  

01/30/17 12:54 PM #58    


Darwin Ross

I did not have Clarann Jacobs as a teacher. I was aware of her reputation though, wishing often that she were my teacher. Friends of mine seemed to have learned a lot in her classes (probably even to avoid the use of the term "a lot," as a hackneyed expression, when writing and speaking!). When these great people die, I feel loss.

01/09/18 03:19 PM #59    


Darwin Ross

Has anyone had any contact with Tom Pugh? The last I heard from him, he had left the Marine Corps, as a Captain (in Air Defense Artillery, I think). This was about in the late 70s/early 80s. Previous to this, he had gone to Dixie College and graduated from UNLV.  I would like to get in touch with him again, as we were great pals. Here is his senior photo:

01/09/18 08:05 PM #60    


Alan Pearson

I have to join each of you in the admission of not being a friend or defender of Penny Taylor. I was battling acceptance problems of my own during junior high and at Skyline, so I guess it never dawned on me to take any initiative. It's good to know that she took a big step in life and got married (unlike some of us), and went on with her life. I too hope that she is happy.

02/09/18 08:44 PM #61    


Rob Ence

Class of 70 - We are looking for anyone who has converted the 1970 Concert Choir LP into a CD or digital efile. Please respond by email if you have any information or know of a source who has done it. Thank you.

02/12/18 12:16 AM #62    


Leslie Evans (Robison)

You might be interested to know that Dave Edlund's wife's obituary was in the Tribune today. I just really dislike seeing the obituaries of our classmates and their spouses as it's such a graphic reminder that we don't get to stay on this ride forever and that our turn can't be too far off.  Let's squeeze all the great memories and happiness into what we have left!

02/18/18 04:53 PM #63    


Rob Ence

Linda Wiggins Ripplinger has provided digital files of the SHS 70 Concert Choir here: 

A few selections have been imbedded on this website. Enjoy....and thank you Linda.

07/06/18 06:32 PM #64    


Linda Wiggins (Ripplinger)

Randy and I have just completed a book project. Our book, Islands of Faith: New Zealand is now ready for distribution. We traveled to New Zealand for 3 months to collect stories of faith from the amazing New Zealand people. Our travels took us from the south end of the south island to the north of the north island. We included several gospel topics and multiple cultures for the people we interviewed. We invite you to come get to know these wonderful people with us as you read a chapter each day. Check out more information at:

US customers will get a price break if they order through our website, and Amazon will best service the e-book customers and our international customers. 

Thanks for being the best classmates ever!

Linda Wiggins Ripplinger

03/02/19 06:12 PM #65    


Darwin Ross

Please contact Julie Kuhn Henderson, to give her your best wishes (and maybe even go by and give her a HUG)! Currently, she is at Aspen Ridge (West) Transitional Rehabilitation Center, 5323 Murray Blvd, Murray, UT 84123, Room #209.

08/12/20 07:49 AM #66    


Victor Checketts

one thing that i will never ever understand is why didn't skyline name their football stadium after ken twelve years as skylines coach he won five state championships...roger dupaix coached at highland before he came to skyline and he can't hold a candle to all the great teams and great players coach schmidt  coached

08/22/20 07:46 AM #67    


Bill Souvall

Howdy to all my wonderful classmates,

Congratulations to Rob, Liz, Thelxie, Kerrie, and the rest of the crew that put together the virtual reunion last night.  I wasn't sure and didn't understand how it could be pulled off, but it was wonderful.  Obviously not the same as giving hugs in person, but definitely making lemonade out of lemons in the best way possible.  Given our current reality, I believe that was a home run.  Thanks to all.  Stay healthy and God bless all.

Bill Souvall

08/23/20 10:08 AM #68    


Kristy Coon (Benton)

So sorry i missed out on the reunion. I was just heading home from work and navigating by phone was beyond my skillset and the current Arizona summer temps. Hope some materials or recorded content will be available. Thanks so much for your work on this project and for adapting it to the current mess.

08/23/20 03:58 PM #69    


David R. Jackson

I went into the virtural reunion hoping to see some familiar faces and catch up on fellow Eagles lives.  Well, it delivered that and way more!  It was, without a doubt, one of the best experiences I've had in recent times, and provided such a wonderful personal perspective on how lucky I was to live in that time and place with so many phenomenal individuals -- fellow students, teachers, and administrators.  Those were the best of times!  Rob, the way you and the committee  organized the session with themed sections (each one kicked off by reflections from a fellow classmate), music, and corresponding open mic opportunities was brilliant. I was so blown away by how much fun I had, I have been sharing the experience with all my local friends and acquaintenances.  Thanks again for all the time and effort you all put in to make it such a success!  God willing, I am really looking forward to seeing everyone on Aug 6, 2021.  Real hugs are better than virtual ones!    

08/23/20 05:07 PM #70    


Cheryl Delvie (Jones)

Hearty Congratulations and deep gratitude Rob and all of the reunion committee!  What an outstanding job you did mixing music, videos, interviews and open mic!  I was in gentle tears of joy and poignancy most of the evening.   Thank you all for continuing to bring your special gifts to our community that, regardless of age, will live ever young in our hearts.   Blessings and with hopes of seeing you next year, Cheryl

08/24/20 12:21 PM #71    


Holly Wilton (Williams)

Hello out there classmates!

I watched the whole virtual reunion, wish I had been there! I'll shoot for next year. I agree with whoever said they had trouble recognizing a few of the participants. It was fun watching those that I did and didn't recognize! Fun to see Kerry Sue, Lenora, Souvall, Bernick, Victor, Cheryl, Thelxi and (I think) Barb Hanson. We have all changed, but it seems we have all mellowed into our aging. Thanks to Robert and Liz and everyone who put this together!

PS-Dr/Mrs Beale and Mrs McCarthy were my favorites. As well as Mme. Morck. Dont recall the garbage cans and water dripping from the roof? 

See you all next year-Holly




08/25/20 09:09 AM #72    


Kristy Coon (Benton)

And, Holly, Dr./Miss Beal went on to become a school principal (I think she told me she was the first in Utah) of a jr. high out in Magna. Our star! And Mrs. McCarthy and Mme. Morck were my favorites as well. Sure wonder what became of them. I know Mrs. McCarthy worked at the Library of Congress.

08/26/20 07:10 AM #73    


Victor Checketts

what a beautiful reunion that was..i felt that my heart,soul,and head was washed by all the love from our graduating class.....i wanted to jump through the screen and hug everybody on line...rob and the committee were truly inspired to put this  marvelous program together...i really cried when i saw all of our classmates that passed away...i dont know why it is that everytime i hear the school hymn i start to takes me back to that beautiful sad night at our graduation...i know that when we have that beautiful reunion next august that there will be tears of joy shed...and the best part is i have so many dance is the day that will be forever engrained in my heart forever...god bless you rob,liz,thelxi, and all the committee for that truly beautiful presentation

08/26/20 06:05 PM #74    


Jeanne Ross (Winograd)

Victor and everyone,

Your heartfelt messages to everyone who visited the virtual pre-reunion made me wish I'd paid attention to the notice about it.

As to comments in this forum some people are making about wishing they'd been kinder to so-and-so, I think such comments should be reserved for face-to-face amends when you see that person. I remember some boys pushing a lovely girl down some steep stairs at Churchill Junior High, breaking her teeth and God only knows what else. That scene will always play in my memory like something from a Stephen King novel. 

So let's keep the chit-chat positive, please.  I'm sure there's not one person who ever went to Skyline High who didn't remember someone else they could have been kinder to. We're all grown up now, more than grown if you have the amount of gray hair I have been surprised with during this pandemic.

Stay well, stay hopeful, and remember to vote before election day, preferably by mail.

Jeanne Ross Winograd




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