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David Hibberd

Profile Updated: June 19, 2018
Residing In:
Spokane Valley, WA USA
retired, grandpa day care
Jonathan David b. 05-11-77
Andrea Pauline b. 08-05-79
Jason Robert b. 07-29-82
Tynon More…David Donald Butler b. 6:54 03-02-01
Tayla Isis Butler b. 03-10-05
Ayden Robert Hibberd b. 11-26-08
Leah Marie Hibberd b. 12-01-14

Served a mission to Alabama-Florida Jan 1972 - Jan 1974. Went to work for First Security Bank where I met Sherrie Ritz from Spokane, WA. We got married in the Salt Lake temple on Jan 16, 1976 (also the anniversary of my entering the mission field).
Took a job at Computer Hub in Murray until we moved to Spokane in April of 1978.
Worked for Spokane County's computer center for seven years. Had some short term jobs and then worked at a computer firm for a couple of years.
Joined an alarm company as an installer in 1991 and became a partner in 1993. Sold the company in 1995 and continued on with the new owners for a couple of years.
Worked a couple of years for Circuit City and a year doing tech support for Microsoft before taking on the job of grandpa day care for my grandson in 2001.
In 2001 I also joined the Idaho Writer's League and have been webmaster; Coeur d'Alene chapter president and 2nd vice president; and League president, 1st vice president, and treasurer.
In addition to many published articles in newsletters, I have a short story published in an anthology of stories and poems. I have compiled a series of personal essays about my pre-married life and as a parent with an emphasis on troubles I encountered in both stages of life. Received the first box of my first book, "Life's Bumpy Roads" 12-11-14.
On 12-01-14 our second granddaughter was born. On 12-05-14 my wife retired from LDS Employment after 27+ years. Received my first batch of books and have my first book signing on 12-13-14.
Since Sherrie retired she took over the grandpa day care services and provides taxi service to Tynon and Tayla to get them to school.
We were called to manage the Spokane Home Storage Center (formerly Spokane Cannery) in March, 2016 and are still there with another ten months unless we decide to extend again. In August, 2016 we were called as Ordinance Workers at the Spokane Temple. Between the HSC and the temple we now have one day for ourselves each week which our children and grandchildren find ways to take advantage of.

School Story:

The last day of school during our junior year five of us from my seminary class decided to do some driving around until the time came to collect our two dollars. One of the guys (I don't remember who) had a Fiat with two seats. Hal Morris, Mark Fullmer, and Bill Potter, were part of the group. We drove around, two in the seats, three sitting on the back with our feet inside, behind the seats.
Things went well until we drove up 33rd South. We heard a loud voice say, "Pull over. This has got to be a bunch of bull." For some reason, the Sheriff's detective didn't like how we were driving.
We were given the option of all of us finding a way to sit in the car or some of us walking home. Sitting in the car proved difficult with three of us being about 6'2" tall. I sat between the seats pressed against the back. I think Bill and Mark sat with their backs against each side and their legs on my lap.
We managed to make it back to school without further incident and collected our two dollars.
Does playing hooky on the last day of school count?

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David Hibberd has a birthday today.
Nov 21, 2023 at 2:33 AM
David Hibberd has a birthday today.
Nov 21, 2022 at 2:33 AM
David Hibberd has a birthday today.
Nov 21, 2021 at 2:33 AM
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Feb 07, 2021 at 6:14 PM

I didn't know Jim at Skyline. I first learned about him from the Classmates in Washington page and when checking out those classmates found that Jim lived in Spokane. Then I discovered we were both in the Spokane Valley Stake. It was at a stake Scouting meeting that I first met him and introduced myself to him as a fellow Skyline High class of 70 graduate. He was surprised to learn that a fellow grad was in his stake. That was many years after our graduation and 750 miles from Salt Lake. 

David Hibberd has a birthday today.
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David Hibberd has a birthday today.
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David Hibberd has a birthday today.
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